Jefferson Vent-Free Fireboxes


The Jefferson Vent-Free Fireboxes offer a variety of sizes and configurations. Available in louvered and flush front, the Jefferson Deluxe and the deeper Premium models present the updated look of a traditional recirculating firebox.

American Hearth offers mantels to customize the look of your firebox. Click here for more information on mantels.

AVFS36_LK3_Williamsburg Logs_RoomSet_LG


Options & Accessories

Choose louvers in slat, arched, and mission – finished in matte black, and hammered pewter.

Matching door sets and frames

Optional automatic blower and optional variable-speed control

Decorative Louvers

Decorative Louver Arch


Decorative Louver Arch (Premium & Deluxe Fireboxes Only)

Decorative Louver Mission


Decorative Louver Mission (Premium & Deluxe Fireboxes Only)

Decorative Doors – Include Handles, Screens, and Hinges

Decorative Door Plain Arch

Decorative Door Mission Arch


Outer Frame and Bottom Trim Colors

Matte Black (Shown on Cherry Mantel)

Hammered Pewter (Shown on Oak Mantel)


Traditional Brick Liner – Ceramic Fiber

Stacked Fieldstone – Ceramic Fiber

Banded Brick  – Ceramic Fiber

Aged Brick Liner – Ceramic Fiber (Premium & Deluxe Fireboxes Only)

Polished Black Liner  – Metal (Deluxe Fireboxes Only)







Accent Lighting Kit (LK3) for Premium and Select models

The optional FreshAir+ System, for Deluxe and Premium Fireboxes only, blends warmed air with incoming outside air to continuously freshen your indoor air.


Glass Fireplace Safety Tips video.  Click image to view

Deluxe Firebox (VFD)

Designed for installation in tight spaces, Jefferson Deluxe fireboxes measure just 16 1/2 inches deep for the 32-inch model and 19 for the 36- and 42-inch models, yet still allow installation of a blower. We offer an assortment of decorative arched doors, louvers, and frames for the Deluxe fireboxes – accessories normally reserved for manufacturers’ upscale models. Liners include four styles in ceramic fiber, one in refractory, plus Stainless Steel and Black Reflective (Deluxe only). This firebox is an elegant Matte Black. Surround your fireplace with a traditional-style Cabinet or Corner mantel in one of five finishes, or choose stainable oak or hardwood. For use with contemporary burners, we also offer stainless steel and reflective black liners to fit the Deluxe firebox, along with a special contemporary mantel in modern matte black  – in cabinet or corner models.

Premium Firebox (VFP)

Jefferson Premium fireboxes add a little more overall depth – 20 7/16 inches – and a taller opening to showcase today’s bigger log sets. Complete the Premium Firebox with one of four ceramic fiber liners, decorative accessories in three styles and two finishes, a blower – and even a lighting kit for use with a switch or dimmer control.  Surround the installation with a traditional cabinet or corner mantel.

Breck Premium 36

Select Firebox (VFS)

Our unique Jefferson Select vent-free gas firebox features a tall, deep stage for the log set, yet has compact outer dimensions and a low-profile top and bottom. The visual effect is a lot more fireplace with less of the firebox face showing.

The Jefferson Select has no louvers and the lower panel measures less than an inch tall, allowing it to be installed at floor level, yet still provide the benefit of a recirculating firebox with optional blower.

Breck Select 42

Multi-sided Firebox (VFP36PB,SB)

Our Jefferson Multi-sided fireboxes accept any properly sized, certified vent-free burner and log set, such as the 18-inch, 24-inch, or 30-inch Slope Glaze Vista Burner, with a Shiloh Ceramic fiber log set or a Raleigh refractory log set.  The Jefferson comes with conventional louvers or in a flush face model that can be completely bricked or tiled into place, yet still allow use of the circulation blower.

Dreyfus Photo_Empire Comfort_Multi-Sided_12.19-20.07